Save Time and Money by Booking Your Doctor’s Appointments Online!

Have you ever tried to get an appointment at a medical practitioner, such as a doctor or dentist, at a time that suits you?  Often, this is more difficult than you think!  And when a situation arises where you have to book a series of appointments for a condition that requires regular attention, we often forget about the appointment.  A lot of consultants insist on full payment of missed appointments and it could cost you money to miss your appointment. 

The traditional system where the doctor or dentist gives you an appointment card is just not practical any more. Today, many people have access to a cell phone or computer.  Being able to search for an applicable slot with your favourite health care provider, book your doctor’s appointments online, and then also receive reminders of the booked appointment slot via SMS, could only save you time and money!

BookaDoc is here to help!  It is a new innovative online appointment service that allows you to book your doctor’s appointments online for a time that suits you.  Various health service providers, such as dentists, doctors, therapists and optometrists, are now using this facility to optimise their booking system and to ensure that patients find the time to book suitable slots, and then receive reminders of these appointments. 


BookaDoc also gives the healthcare provider an online presence and their patients are able to book appointments with them, and therefore increase the traffic flow through their appointment rooms.  Often, medical professionals do not have the resources to employ a full-time receptionist and this means that the healthcare professional either has to field calls and make appointments themselves, or limit the appointment making services to office hours and times where a part time receptionist is available to take calls.

For patients, it is very convenient to be able to book their doctor’s appointments online.  People often forget to make appointments during a busy day at work, and only get a chance to do so once they get home or in their lunch hour.  Doctor’s offices are often closed for lunch and after hours and being able to use the web-based facility to find an appointment slot at your favourite healthcare provider is a bonus. 

An added benefit is that even if you are new to an area and have to find a provider in your area, you can do so by using the online search facility, which will display the details of the providers in your area, and allow you to book an appointment for a suitable time.  The search facility allows you to search for the various types of service providers and locations, as well as particular names of providers.

The system keeps all of the personal details confidential and is offered free to patients who want to book appointments.  Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an email and SMS confirmation of your appointment. A reminder will also be emailed and SMSed to you 24 hours before the appointment.  Patients are also able to enter personal requests for their appointment, allowing their healthcare provider to be super-prepared for their visit!

Try out the new BookaDoc system today!  It is free, it is easy and it allows you to book an appointment with your healthcare provider at any time of the day, from wherever you are! 

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