Book Your Doctor’s Appointment Online!

During the rush of the day, people often do not have time to sit on the phone and wait for the doctor’s office to find them a suitable time slot for an appointment and in addition to this, they often do not remember to book an appointment during the day – only to remember after office hours, when all of the doctor’s rooms are closed!  Once an appointment has been booked, they also often forget about the appointment, especially if various appointments are required for different members of the family.  A mom with three sick kids, a bad back and a sore tooth may need to keep track of more than one appointment at a time and if these are missed, patients often lose money, as some consultants charge full price for a missed appointment! 

But help is at hand!  BookaDoc is an online web-based system that allows patients to book their appointments at any time of day, wherever they are.  The system contains details of the registered healthcare providers in the area and patients can use the online search facility to locate the particular doctor, dentist, therapist, or optometrist of their choice, and book an appointment in the comfort of their own homes or offices, without having to spend money or time on a phone call. 

It is a super-easy system to use and works as follows:

1.   Log on to the system and use the “search facility” to search for your provider.  You can search by type, area or name, and find the provider most suited to your requirements.

2.   Select the desired healthcare provider on the system and open their diary to find a time slot that suits you.

3.   Fill in the appointment form that is generated on the screen and book your doctor’s appointment online.

4.   Receive your email and SMS appointment reminder.

5.   Attend your appointment.

It is really that easy!  If you cannot find your favourite doctor or other preferred healthcare provider on the system, you may ask them to join BookaDoc.  This gives them an online presence and exposure to many potential patients in their area, which will increase income potential.  Being able to manage their own appointment system online also has advantages and it is now possible for your doctor to see exactly how their time is managed over the day.  It schedules exact appointments and blocks can be booked out on their calendar for clinic visits, hospital rounds or operations, and the load on the receptionist is made lighter by not having to take as many phone calls for appointments.

Whenever you need a doctor, dentist or optometrist, give BookaDoc a go and book your doctor’s appointment online!  It is easy. It is quick. And it is more affordable and convenient than a phone call.  Try it next time you need a doctor! 

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