Book Your Doctor Appointment Online!

Did you know that you can now book a doctor appointment online?  It is super easy to do, and you can do it wherever and whenever it suits you.  The BookaDoc system enables you to locate your healthcare professional online and to book an appointment with him or her, from the convenience of your home or office!

Booking a doctor appointment online is made possible with the new BookaDoc online system.  All that you have to do is use the easy search facility to locate the doctor, dentist or other healthcare professional of your choice, and then look at their online diary to find the available time slot that suits you.  Fill in the short and simple appointment template, and away you go!  The BookaDoc system will even send you an email or SMS to remind you of your appointment, so that you do not miss it.

It is often difficult to find time to make an appointment for a routine check-up or screening.  We often put these off or forget how often we are able to go!  If you use our system, you can book your appointments ahead of time, at the required intervals.  Patients who need a series of appointments find this service very convenient, as they are able to schedule and book these ahead of time.  Reminders via SMS and email, ensure that they honour the appointment.  Our service is easy to use, convenient, and totally free for patients!

BookaDoc is just as useful for healthcare practitioners, such as GPs, dentists, psychologists, therapists, dieticians, and many other professionals that deal with patients or clients on a booking system.  The healthcare professionals who are registered with us will receive the following benefits:

·       An online presence, which can increase your number of patients and boost your income!

·       Accurate reporting provides a great tool for keeping in touch with the trends in your practice, and various types of reports are available for your use.

·       Reminders to clients ensure that they honour their appointments and no-shows are reduced.  If something happens and you have to change a client’s appointment, they will be sent a notification by the system to let them know of new appointment times or to reschedule the appointment.

·       Reward programmes ensure that your clients stay loyal to you, and increases repeat business and your income.  You are able to create your own loyalty programme with BookaDoc when patients book you for doctor appointments online.

·       You are able to make notes online, which may come in handy during or after appointments.  In addition to this, the booking template allows the patient to leave information about the appointment, allowing you to order relevant medication or equipment that you think you may need for that particular appointment.

Find out more about this progressive and innovative system by giving BookaDoc a call today.

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